Do you really know the history and the importance of Agriculture to a Country’s Economy? These statements are familiar but do they really have implications on you?

We are currently facing drought. Are you aware that this has somehow got to do with Agriculture? What can we do to help curb some of the climate issues in our country?

Some Helpful Tips;

  1. Make sure to conserve water by using drip irrigation or trapping water from your roof and storing it.
  2. Join a farmers’ cooperative to pull together resources that will benefit everyone in your community.
  3. Make hardpan and dried out soil productive again by planting grain in small pits.
  4. Rotate crops annually to maximize the use of your soil and farmland. By planting different crops on a 4 to 5-year schedule, you will be able to use your plot of land continually.
  5. Soil erosion is the washing away of the top soil and/or the sub soil by either wind or water. It is the most destructive form of soil loss.
  6. Climate change will affect Africa and Asia harsher than other regions and cause more unpredictable weather such as flooding and drought.

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