I am pleased to welcome you all to Migori ASK branch show which opens its gates from 13th -15th October, 2016.

Finally, after the long struggle and achieving the milestones, Migori Satellite show is now a fully fledged Branch of ASK.  Thank you all for your support.

The show is an ideal place to visit and learn different skills & technologies of the current farming methods and trade.  We are also encouraging our institutions of learning particularly; the secondary schools and primary schools to allow the students and pupils to come to the show and learn new agricultural skills in both crop and animal husbandry.

We are expecting more than 50 exhibitors ranging from; traders, manufacturers, agro vets, banks, colleges, universities, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), youth polytechnic and women groups.

We expect various groups of bands including our very own omega band to entertain the music lovers. There will also be the merry go-round, bouncing-castle, camel drive, mini-train, boat race, choirs, football and netball for the young at heart.

It is my great pleasure to invite the ASK head office, council members, exhibitors, stakeholders, show visitors and the rest of wananchi to Migori Branch show 2016.


George Omune Ong’ono

Migori ASK Branch Chairman