I am humbled to welcome you all to this year’s Agricultural Society of Kenya Nyeri National Show which opens its gates to the public from Wednesday 14th -17th September 2016.

I take this opportunity to thank the stakeholders, business community, show committee members, Exhibitors and all those who have contributed immensely to this year’s show preparation.

The Central Region has continued to play a major role in the Agricultural sector in Kenya and more specifically in Food, Dairy, Tea and Coffee production. In order to maintain this prominent status, it is necessary to adopt new technologies and farming systems to integrate more crop rotation, intercropping and organic methods.
This year’s show gives farmers a great opportunity to learn these new methods that ensures increased productivity, access to markets and credit facilities in the sector

The region has continually received good rains which have contributed a lot in the preparation of various demonstration plots which are ready for show casing.  Considerably, we have received entries ranging from Agriculture, livestock, banking industry, Education, veterinary, Sacco’s, wildlife, tea industry, Jua kali industry, etc.

I urge the business community, show goers and people from all walks of life within Central Kenya and beyond to take advantage of this special Event and attend this year’s show for interaction and good business deals.

In organizing the show we received tremendous support from Government and Private sector and I would sincerely wish to thank them ALL for their great contribution. Thank you and God bless



Branch Chairman