Agriculture and mainly small scale farming is the major economic activity carried out in Machakos. The main food crops grown are maize, beans, millet, sorghum, cassava, peas, and sweat potatoes. Further to these crops, farmers also grow coffee, cotton and horticultural crops as cash crops.

The Kenya Agricultural Research station has developed a special kind of hybrid maize called katumani which is adapted to the drier conditions. It is a fast growing open pollinated variety which is fairly short and produces short cobs. It is a drought escaping variety flowering within 60-65 days and maturing within 90-120 days. This type of maize has greatly helped the Machakos people because of their environmental conditions.

Livestock keeping also promotes the economy of the County. Kenya Meat Commission has promoted the farmers by buying animals from them especially during the drought season. Some of the animal`s products are also sold locally and in other major towns such Nairobi and Thika. 

With the above, the Agricultural Society of Kenya in partnership with stakeholders has organized an exhibition in Machakos starting June 29th to 2nd July 2016. The purpose of the show is to promote the changing technological advances exhibited in agriculture and trade both nationally and globally. It has a wide choice of exhibits ranging from crop and livestock production, manufacturing companies, financial institutions, researchers, academic institutions, health companies among others. For our children, lots of entertainment will be there including merry go round, bouncing castle just to mention a few.

Welcome all to Machakos Branch show 2016. Come all and have a firsthand experience of agriculture at its best display!