Kakamega Show 2016

Agriculture is the major driver of economic growth in Kakamega. The main crops grown are sugar cane, maize, beans, cassava, finger millet, sweet potatoes, bananas, tomatoes, tea and sorghum. The County is however popularly known for sugar cane production having the largest sugar factory; that is Mumias factory based at Mumias to the west of Kakamega as well as numerous small-holder sugar mills.
The County recently has been experiencing a shortage of chicken and eggs as a result of few farmers venturing in modern poultry farming. With this, the county government has allocated sh.22 million to train and give farmers modified and improved indigenous chicks. This project is targeting to boost poultry farming in all the 12 sub counties and at least 10,000 households will benefit from it. The livestock executive Kulati Wangia said that the county government will cater for poultry feed, vaccination and other services including marketing to ensure farmers get maximum profit from the venture.
Besides crop growing fishing is another main activity taking place in Kakamega due to the presence of many water sources including Lake Victoria and ideal temperature for aquaculture. It is mainly carried out at subsistence level.
With the above in mind, the Agricultural Society of Kenya in partnership with stakeholders has organized an exhibition in Kakamega to promote technology, innovation, research and development in agriculture, trade and allied sector.
The western Kenya Branch Show-Kakamega opens its gates to the public from June 16th to 18th 2016. The branch has organized for a higher number of exhibitors compared to the previous years. This is a great opportunity for the farmers to exchange ideas with experts, acquire skills and knowledge from them. To ease up the day is a wide range of entertainment that suits both the elderly and young.
It’s our pleasure to extend a cheerful welcome to the Western Kenya Branch Show - Kakamega. Don’t be left behind, come learn, experience and have fun.