Easter is here with us once again! This annual festival presents us an opportunity to spend more time with family members and loved ones away from our busy working environs. As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ let us take rest and clear our minds from the fast paced economy.

Kindly let us remember four important things over the Easter holiday;

Gratefulness - this goes a long way. A research finding by Robert Emmons has it that those who practice grateful thinking "reap emotional, physical and interpersonal benefits." People who regularly practice gratification report fewer illness symptoms, feel better about their lives as a whole, and are more optimistic about the future. Emmons conclusion is that gratitude is a choice, one possible response to our life experiences.

Trying new recipes - This can be a fun experience when it is done with close friends or family members. There is a certain magic that comes along with it. It ensures bonding and moments that come to make cherished memories for a lifetime.

Celebrating with others - Do not just celebrate it alone. Join people. One can attend a church service, join up a group of friends for an afternoon treat or go for that play you have always died to watch in a theater.

Share the love- Easter is all about hope. Sharing the love during this season can be a reason to spur hope in humanity. Sharing whatever we have with the less privileged, spending time with those that you have not been with, getting in touch with lost friends and visiting the sick help spread the love this season .

We wish you a happy Easter holiday filled with joy, peace and laughter.

Remember to turn up for the next Agriculture show, Mt Kenya Branch Show- Nanyuki on 26th May 2016- 28th May 2016.