Embu Show 2016

Widely known for the production of macadamia nuts, Embu County heavily relies on agriculture as the main economic activity. Other crops grown in the region include mangoes, tea, coffee and pyrethrum.

 A major milestone achieved in the county is setting up a one of a kind nut processing factory. In a move to support mango farmers within the region, Governor Wambora says that the county government has teamed up with Mango Malo Cooperative to set up a Mango process factory which will benefit farmers.  This mango project marks it one of the 100 projects in 100 days in Embu.

The town of Embu is known for its Jacaranda trees that literally turn the municipality into a purple shower when it flowers. The trees lose their green leaves and become solid purple when they bloom usually in October-November annually, depending on the rainfall.

For water sports lovers such as kayaking, this is the place to be. Four of the seven forks of River Tana, that is Masinga, Kindaruma, Kiambere and Kamburu are located here.They are mainly used for generation of electricity.

Little known fact to this region is that; owing to its altitude and climate advantage, athletes usually have their endurance training at St Mark’s Kigari teachers college that has specialized facilities.

With the above in mind, the Agricultural Society of Kenya has partnered with stakeholders in organizing an exhibition in Embu to promote technology, innovation, research and development in agriculture, trade and allied sectors.

We give you a hearty welcome to the show dubbed, Eastern Kenya Branch Show starting 10th to 12th March 2016.

Come one, come all and have a firsthand experience of agriculture at its best display!