Eldoret Show 2016



Home to renowned athletes who shoot Kenya to her fame, Eldoret town is the fastest growing town in the country. There is something agricultural about this town, with major concentration being on large scale production of  wheat and maize. East African Exchange, a platform used to sell farmers’ maize produce has its warehouse here in addition to Unga Holdings Limited production facilities.

It is around that time when farmers harvest their products. They are seen outside Kipchoge Keino stadium in huge numbers drying out their products.

Farmers outside Kipchoge Keino stadium (Eldoret) in huge numbers drying out their products after an harvest

Other crops grown include coffee and pyrethrum. Livestock,dairy and horticultural farming is also being embraced by the people of this town.

Being a cosmopolitan town, nearly every other tribe is found here hence a rich culture. The people of Eldoret are the most friendly and warm people you will meet. They will win your heart with their random acts of kindness and almost annoying in their effusiveness.

With the official formalisation of the North Rift Economic Bloc (NOREB) as a legal entity, the town is set to benefit from economic, social and cultural empowerment. The main aim of the entity is to bring together the eight counties from the North rift region to work together to foster economic development and formulate common policies to attract investors and run the counties.

Come and experience the whole magic of the Eldoret National show. Karibu sana!