We wish to invite you to the 2018 S.E Kenya Branch, Machakos show starting Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th June, at Machakos showground.

The show theme, “Promoting Innovation and Technology in Agriculture and Trade” guides our exhibitors towards food sustenance, efficient technologies and increased production.

The show provides vast opportunities to farmers and entrepreneurs in the Agriculture and Trade industry.

This year, we have gathered over 120 Exhibitors displaying the latest in the industry from fields of education, livestock, banking, manufacturing, hospitality, Jua Kali, horticulture, transport among many others.

We take cognisance of the significant challenges that farmers continue to face within the region; erratic rainfall patterns and prolonged droughts as a result of global warming. It is important that farmers adopt the technologies showcased in our shows to enhance productivity, despite the adverse weather conditions. 

We hope that the knowledge and skills acquired from the Society platforms will play a big role on farm production and ensure there’s utilization of available resources within the respective regions.

Family activities and various entertainment such as funfair among others will be in plenty.

For regular show updates please follow us on Facebook – Agricultural Society of Kenya and on Twitter @AgriSocietyofKe   #tukutanemachakosshow

To call, contact Branch Manager Machakos;

Tel: +254717354743