International Shows


Deadline for preparation is usually 9 days before the start of the Trade Fair. All exhibitors should be in place two days before the start of the event. All exhibitors should have finished preparing their stands on the Friday preceding the week of the show.

Exhibitors who intend to erect new buildings at the Showgrounds either of permanent or temporary structures, or those wishing to make alterations on their plots MUST first obtain authorization from Nairobi County. After the County’s approval of the plans, these must be submitted to the society for final approval before start of any work.

Exhibitors will not be permitted to break the ground allotted to them for the exhibition of their goods nor fell trees without first obtaining written approval from the society


  • The Jamhuri Park police Station is located at Kenyatta Drive near Telkom (K) Stand.
  • Exhibitors are advised to make their arrangements to supplement the security accorded by the Police and the Agricultural Society of Kenya by providing Security personnel before, during and after the Trade Fair.
  • Exhibitors who employ security guards are requested to provide uniformed security guards for ease of identification.
  • Exhibitors are advised to screen employ their casual laborers to prevent trespassing and incidences of theft.
  • Contractors and other agents will be required to obtain movement passes from the A.S.K Security Office at all times.
  • The Agricultural Society of Kenya will not be liable for loss of, damage to or safety of any exhibits or other form of property under any circumstances whatsoever.


  • Free issues

    Free tickets will only be given with a written request from the exhibitors. Tickets cannot be sent through post BUT MUST BE COLLECTED at least one week prior to the commencement of the trade fair.

  • Additional tickets

    The following additional tickets for the exhibitors are available at the Agricultural Society of Kenya Offices and at the town office at Kenyatta International Conference Centre one week prior to the commencement of the trade fair.

    1. Foreign Visitors Passes
    2. Trade Car Stickers
    3. Seasonal Tickets
    4. Daily Tickets

    Tickets liable for clipping will be clipped once for every entry.

  • Also membership badges are on sale at town Centres – Kenya International Conference Centre, Huduma Centre and major supermarkets UCHUMI and Nakumatt one Month prior to the commencement of the trade fair. The Categories include:

    1. Executive badges Kes 8,500

    2. Full member Badges kes 3,000

    3. Single member badges Kes 2,00

    4. KPO badges single Kes 2,000

    5. KPO full member Kes 3,000

    6. YFCK KES 400

    7. KDF badge Kes 800

  • Trade and Members Car Park

    Trade exhibitors and members are expected to park at the designated areas as sign posted. Vehicles without Car Park Stickers must either pay to enter or park their vehicles at the Free Car Park. Drivers must ensure that they obtain Security Passes.


Exhibitors are advised to take the relevant insurance cover against fire, theft and third party liability or any other cover they deem necessary for the duration of the show and for time they have staff working on their stands.



Permission must be obtained from the Office of the President to fly the flag at individual stands.