Vision & Mission


To be the best disseminator of information in agricultural and allied industries in Africa.


To inform, through exhibitions and other related activities using modern technology to promote excellence in agriculture and allied industries.


  • To create an ASK brand.
  • To promote research and extension services in Agriculture, Trade and allied sectors.
  • To foster working relations with the county governments.
  • To contribute in the formulation and implementation of agricultural and trade policies.
  • To modernize and publish the Kenya stud book, and enhance the functions of the dairy recording services of Kenya (DRSK).
  • To enhance participation in the agricultural sector by the Kenya youth.
  • To organize conferences, workshops and seminars on topical subjects affecting agriculture.
  • To enhance facility utilization by end of the strategic plan.
  • To design and implement a governance structure that is more responsive to the needs of ASK.  
  • To hold superior shows in the livestock, agricultural and trade sectors.
  • To collect data relating to the objects of the Society and publish the same.
  • To organize ploughing contests and conduct tests of Agricultural machinery in order to demonstrate the most efficient and suitable types.